Collection: Glassing

"Hardly is music ever as emotive and mind-melting as 'Twin Dream'" - Invisible Oranges

"Sky-scraping post-metal
 with doomy girth, black metal ferocity, and post-hardcore bite." - Revolver

"Shrieking, blasting, immersive, cataclysmic nightmare fuel." - Decibel

"Glassing offer quite the maelstrom of metal....a true adventure" - Metal Sucks

ATX-based band GLASSING, is a three-piece genre blending amalgamation of heavy music saturated sonorously in dejection. Notable elements of Post Rock, Shoegaze, Doom, and American Black Metal, Glassing have been making music that walks the line between all 4 genres seemingly all at once. Fronted by Cory Brim on guitars, Dustin Coffman on bass and vocals, and Jason Camacho on drums, each individual has a mastery of control over each genre, brandishing an outward love and appreciation for all of them simultaneously. This type of coalescence has prompted an estrangement towards traditional fans of metal excluding them from the genre for some almost entirely. Flaunting an unapologetic stance towards moving their style forward in any way they can, Glassing simply creates what they wish to hear for themselves. Using each division as a medium of creativity with no restrictions to genre traditionalism or gatekeeping. Since their conception in 2015 they have come out with one self-titled EP, the two LP's "Light And Death" and "Spotted Horse" and are anticipating the release of their third full-length record aptly named "Twin Dream". Since the recording of “Twin Dream”, the band has brought synth and midi noise master Shaun Ringsmuth of Street Sects on board for live show performances and future compositions. 

For fans of Liturgy, This Will Destroy You, Deafheaven, Zeal And Ardor, Planes Mistaken For Stars and Rosetta