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GLASSING - Twin Dream - 12" Vinyl LP (Second Press - Alt Cover)

GLASSING - Twin Dream - 12" Vinyl LP (Second Press - Alt Cover)

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*2nd Press with Alternate Artwork* 


Twin Dream, the third full-length offering from Austin, TX multidimensional trio GLASSING, is a sonic mirror of our era and nothing short of immense. Ranging from grim to hopeful to destructive to cathartic, oftentimes all within a single song, GLASSING channel multifarious energies that delve deep into the Underland while simultaneously exploring the celestial. Elements of post-hardcore, black metal, noise rock, ambient, shoegaze, and doom swirl together to create a rich palette of mood and textures across 11 tracks that ruminate on splintered realities, altered consciousness, and esoteric philosophy.

Twin Dream was recorded with Andrew Hernandez (This Will Destroy You, Balmorhea, The Sword, Mammoth Grinder) in a remote Texas studio replete with crumbling infrastructure and the ghosts of country troubadours echoing amongst the walls. While the world burned on the outside, the music took on an entirely new meaning and those that survived the nightmare were left with a newfound sense of hope amongst the bleak reality. Twin Dream is the archetypal soundtrack to these end of times.

Pressing Info:

1st Press: 

  • 50  Gold/Silver Haze  (SOLD OUT)
  • 100 Red/Black Haze (SOLD OUT)
  • 150 Clear (SOLD OUT)
  • 200 Pitch Black (SOLD OUT) 
  • 10 Test Presses

2nd Press: 

  • 20 Clear Smoke (Alt Cover Art) (SOLD OUT) 
  • 200 Pitch Black (Alt Cover Art)

Vinyl comes housed in a black jacket with gold print and includes an 11x11 insert

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