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GLASSING - Spotted Horse - 12" Vinyl LP (2nd Press)

GLASSING - Spotted Horse - 12" Vinyl LP (2nd Press)

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Cold sand on a barren coastline. Spectral blackness. Godless nights. The calmness of undisturbed water. The illusion of belonging. Death As A Gift. These are but a minute illustration of the vast array of themes and explorations deliberated upon by Austin, TX trio GLASSING on their sophomore opus Spotted Horse. Weaving together layers upon layers of dense textures, swirling blast beats and looming atmospheres, GLASSING excel at the art of organized chaos through sound. Across 10 songs and 44 minutes, GLASSING blend elements of black metal and post-hardcore with ambient explorations, dream-pop sensibilities and grinding walls of sound that defy categorization. Spotted Horse is, at its core, a construction of dynamic, beautifully unsettling soundscapes and nothingness unsurfaced.

EU customers can save on shipping and order via Deathwish HERE.

For Fans Of:  

Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, Astronoid, Alcest, Sigur Ros, This Will Destroy You, Envy, Birds In Row

Pressing Info:

1st Press:

  • 5 Test Presses (SOLD OUT)
  • 100 Clear (SOLD OUT)
  • 200 Black (SOLD OUT) 

2nd Press:

  • 10 Test Presses 
  • 100 Sage Green + Cloudy Clear Galaxy Effect
  • 100 Moon Phase: Transparent Orange + White Base w/ splatter(Band Exclusive Tour Copies) 
  • 150 Pink + Light Blue Marble + White Splatter
  • 150 Swamp Green 




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