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CHERUBS - Heroin Man - 12" Vinyl LP (Pre-Order)

CHERUBS - Heroin Man - 12" Vinyl LP (Pre-Order)

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Note: This item is a pre-order and is expected to ship around August 4th. Due to high demand and the first press selling out a 2nd press is in the works and is estimated to ship in mid-October. 

EU customers can save on shipping and order via Deathwish HERE.


Brutal Panda is honored to join the likes of legendary labels, Trance Syndicate and Amphetamine Reptile, in bringing one of noise-rock's gnarliest albums ever recorded back into print. Originally released in 1994, this reissue of Heroin Man stays true to the original layout, complete with a custom polybag cover and logo sticker. 

"Heroin Man stands as both the chronological center of the Cherubs catalog, and its defining moment. As one of noise rock's finest moments, Heroin Man is both a delicate, tragic statement and send-off to a friend who had OD'd, and a bellowing, roaring, over-amped screwball masterpiece of Butthole Surfers mayhem and Husker Du pop structures. It's sometimes difficult to distinguish between Kevin Whitley's guitar and Owen McMahon's bass, and that's precisely the point -- this is noise rock; and still at others, Whitley's guitar is a washing, white-noise counterpoint to the pummeling rhythm section. This is a dense, sprawling, spiraling work showing a band peaking aesthetically, with perhaps an even more ambitious album to follow. Unfortunately, due to the usual host of reasons, that never occurred. This was the Cherubs final studio album until their reformati on 20+ years later." - words by Patrick Kennedy

Pressing Info:

1st Brutal Panda Press: 

  • 10 Test Presses (Black)
  • 100 Dark Green / Silver Spinner (SOLD OUT)
  • 150 Black (SOLD OUT) 
  • 200 Ultra Clear w/ Black Marble + Neon Magenta Splatter (Brooklyn Vegan / Revolver Exclusive)
  • 250 Hot Pink

2nd Brutal Panda Press: 

  • 200 Eco-Mix
  • 300 Jawbreaker Splatter 

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