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CONSTELLATIA - Magesterial Romance - Hand Painted Cassette Tape

CONSTELLATIA - Magesterial Romance - Hand Painted Cassette Tape

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Taken from the word ‘constellation’, Constellatia refers to the nature of existence and the natural world, the cosmos, and extracting meaning and happiness from it all. The band’s somber take on progressive black metal encapsulates inherently human subjects; a distillation of life’s meander, sadness and tribulations.

Magisterial Romance (Season of Mist), the band’s sophomore record from 2022, shows Constellatia continuing to evolve on their already mature sound, creating these larger-than-life, dynamic and vulnerable compositions that runs the gamut of simply being; an amorphous progressive metal experience enriched with lavish ambiance and ripe with spirit, unique to them alone.

Pressed on gorgeous, colored cassette tape with 50 copies of each release hand-painted with custom swirls of color in collaboration with the French based DIY label Stellar Frequencies. A video detailing the process can be viewed HERE.

Pressing Info: 

1st Press:

  • 25 - Handpainted Red/Orange Swirl
  • 25 - Handpainted Blue/Green Swirl
  • 25 - Sonic Orange
  • 25 - Translucent Red 

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