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CHERUBS - Icing (30th Anniversary Reissue) - CD Digipack

CHERUBS - Icing (30th Anniversary Reissue) - CD Digipack

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30+ years ago in Austin, TX 1992, cult kings of noise rock, CHERUBS, released their debut album, Icing, via Butthole Surfers drummer, King Coffey’s, label Trance Syndicate. Originally recorded and produced by Mr. Colson (L7, Dwarves, Linkin Park), Icing has now been remastered and remixed by Eric Wofford (Explosions in the Sky, Young Widows, The Black Angels), complete with new album art by the band’s Kevin Whitley. Much darker, aggressive and rawer than the material CHERUBS would become known for, Icing captures the band at their most primitive form while hinting at the melodic intricacies they would develop over the years. This is where it all started for CHERUBS and somehow it’s still happening over three decades later. 

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