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new-concrete-band Desperate Living came to be during the fall of 2017: Current and former members of The Minor Times, Ladder Devils, CRUISR, etc. joined forces under a simple edict: “let’s write punk songs”. Its members having spent many years in hardcore, math rock, and punk bands, New Concrete, recorded during the summer of 2018 with producer Jeff Zeigler (Nothing, The War on Drugs, Purling Hiss) is the product of that shared history and sits somewhere between the pummeling downtempo repetition of Breather Resist, the angularity of Converge at their moodiest, and the venom-filled swagger of The Bronx. Desperate Living’s debut is a six song barrage of piss and vinegar aimed at the broadside of outdated patriarchal norms, anxiety, and hind-sighted regret over a misspent youth.

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