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Kowloon Walled City

Kowloon Walled City is a 4-piece band from San Francisco, formed in  2007. They play smart music for dumb people, generally at excessive  volume in dubious tunings. Over three years they have become renowned  for their ability to promptly respond to emails.

They released their debut EP Turk Street (2008, Wordclock) followed by their first full length Gambling on the Richter Scale (2009, The Perpetual Motion Machine) before releasing  a three way split with FIGHT AMP and LADDER DEVILS entitled Lose / Lose / Lose with Brutal Panda in 2010.  The band then released a split 7″ with THOU followed by a run of high profile dates with SLEEP before recording their highly anticipated sophomore album and  first full-length in three years.  Container Ships, the group’s most varied, consistent work to date will see an early December 2012 release via Brutal Panda Records.  All of the bands records were recorded by singer/guitarist Scott Evans in a  Tenderloin District basement, and are available on vinyl and for  free download at



Kowloon Walled City Tour Dates



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