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ZOZOBRA Announce 10th Anniversary Reissue of 'Savage Masters'

Brutal Panda Records is excited to announce a special 10th-anniversary reissue of ZOZOBRA's final album Savage Masters
The brainchild of Caleb Scofield (Cave In, Old Man Gloom), ZOZOBRA formed in 2006 and quickly released two crushing full-lengths of atmospheric sludge metal, Harmonic Tremors (2007) and Bird of Prey (2008).
Five years later, the band re-emerged with long-time Cave In bandmates Adam McGrath (guitars) and J.R. Conners (drums) to record Savage Masters, an unrelenting fury of post-hardcore ferocity and sludge-tinged amplifier crunch that significantly raised the profile of the project. 
Originally released in April 2013, Savage Masters will see tape and CD releases for the first time alongside a special 10th-anniversary vinyl repress. 
Brutal Panda will donate 50% of all sales to the family of Caleb Scofield, benefitting his children's education fund. Pre-orders are available now at THIS LOCATION
Caleb's wife Jen along with Cave In / Zozobra members Adam McGrath and J.R. Conners shared their thoughts on the reissue: 
Adam McGrath: 
"After being a big fan of Harmonic Tremors and Bird of Prey, I was really honored to be asked by Caleb to be a part of a third Zozobra record. He presented the idea to me saying he had some songs written and an offer from Brutal Panda to release. It was a really fun and challenging project to be part of. We went to Brooklyn in the dead of summer to record with our old friend and confidant Andrew Schneider. We literally slept at the studio and were fully engaged in the recording process for the few days we were down there. Soon after Savage Masters was completed, the studio would be destroyed by a hurricane. I appreciated Caleb encouraging me to experiment with guitar effects and add my own signature vibe when needed. I genuinely loved the brutal vocal performances he effortlessly laid down. I think Savage Masters is some of Caleb’s most ferocious work and completely holds up ten years later. So happy it’s getting a re-release on Brutal Panda." 


JR Connors: 

"Probably the heaviest record I've ever been a part of. Recorded over a sweaty weekend in NYC just before a flood destroyed the studio, Savage Masters is a no-bullshit ride down the path of unhinged ferocity."

Jen Scofield adds:

“The period in which Zozobra came together was some of the best times in my life and remain my most treasured memories. Caleb and I had moved to California, gotten married, and had our son in 2007. He struggled to find a good musical outlet in LA with all his usual playing suspects now scattered across the country. He decided to hunker down and Zozobra came to life with the help of many friends. Caleb got a great deal from this as it was just his mind put forth to the music, really for the first time. He also got to express himself through the guitar which I know he loved playing…and buying, selling, and trading yet more guitars as a result. This music holds incredible space and time and I am so happy to see it released again. To commemorate Caleb’s music is an honor to him that keeps he and his music present and for that, I am forever grateful. ”

Savage Masters was produced and recorded by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Pelican) and contains stunning artwork by English alchemist Glyn Smyth (Unearthly Trance, Wolves in the Throne Room, Cough). 
ZOZOBRA's final recordings remain a testament to the incredible legacy left behind by Caleb Scofield. 
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