SHOCK WITHDRAWAL: Announce Debut Full-Length Album The Dismal Advance Out March 15 on Brutal Panda Records

SHOCK WITHDRAWAL: Announce Debut Full-Length Album The Dismal Advance Out March 15 on Brutal Panda Records

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Death Metal trio SHOCK WITHDRAWAL unleash their debut full length The Dismal Advance out March 15, 2024 on Brutal Panda Records!

Pre-Order The Dismal Advance on LP/CD/CS/Digital via Brutal Panda HERE.

Watch SHOCK WITHDRAWAL’s frantic new video for “Oblivion Seeker” on Metal Injection HERE & on Brutal Panda’s YouTube Channel HERE. Listen on all streaming services HERE.

Vocalist Mitchell Luna Comments:

"Writing this album was an absolute challenge, as we are all spread out throughout different parts of the country, but I am beyond happy with the end result! It's a mix of death metal, grind, and hardcore, and a vast improvement from the EP we put out in 2022. 

We went the DIY route and recorded the album ourselves with the help of some good friends, and then handed it off to Arthur Rizk so he can work his magic in the mixing/mastering department.

It's 21 minutes. No fucking filler. Bleak and painful, yet grounded in reality. 

Thanks to anyone that listens! Blastbeats forever!"


Mixed/mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy, Tomb Mold), The Dismal Advance is a 21 minute high-BPM, trauma feedback loop of non-stop shredding, blastbeat precision, and feral sonic volatility that sharply executes a superb balance of riffs, groove and masterful instrumentation. Replete with nihilistic lyrics and post-apocalyptic imagery, The Dismal Advance is a stark reminder that hell can be a place on earth... and some of us live in it.  

SHOCK WITHDRAWAL recently played their first live show with GridLink at Saint Vitus! Stay tuned for more live announcements in the near future. 


"the perfect balance of death-metal riffage, savory groove and total grindcore mayhem." - Revolver Magazine

"accurately reflect the general negativity of life in the early 21st century" - Decibel Magazine

 "going to completely kick your ass into next year." - Metal Injection


The Dismal Advance Tracklist:

  1. Constant Fear of Annihilation
  2. Sullen
  3. Autonomian
  4. Built to Suffer
  5. The Dismal Advance 
  6. Oblivion Seeker
  7. Unfit For The World
  8. Resentment
  9. Nightmare Conduit
  10. The Luxury of Accepting Failure
  11. Pain Absorption Threshold
  12. Misery Calibration
  13. No Closure

Shock Withdrawal is:

Nick Emde: Guitar/bass

Jono Garrett: Drums

Mitchell Luna: Vocals

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