RIVERS OF NIHIL: Announce Limited Edition Cassette Tape Discography!

RIVERS OF NIHIL: Announce Limited Edition Cassette Tape Discography!

Metal Blade Records, Brutal Panda Records, and RIVERS OF NIHIL have teamed up to present fans with a limited run of cassette tapes for each of the band’s four releases. Available today, Bandcamp Friday!! 

From vocalist and bassist Adam Biggs; "We’re very pleased to announce the release of our Terrestria series of albums for the first time on cassette! This is a format that is very dear to my heart. Some of my earliest memories of music were created by exploring through my dad’s rather extensive collection of cassette tapes in the early '90s, so it’s amazing to see our music released in this way."

You can preorder these at Brutal Panda’s website HERE or at Bandcamp HERE

All color variants available are as followed. Note that the pressings listed as Band Color will be available exclusively via the band on their upcoming tour dates. 

The Conscious Seed of Light (2013)

Lime Green - (50)  

Dark Yellow - (60)

Green Tint - (65)

Light Pink - (75)

Black - (100) (Band Color)

Green Solid - (150)


Monarchy (2015)

Smoky Tint - (50)  

Yellow Tint - (60)

Green Tint - (65)

Orange - (75)

Black - (100) (Band Color)

Dark Yellow - (150)


Where Owls Know My Name (2018)

Green Solid - (50)  

White - (60)

Silver Metallic - (65)

Green Tint - (75)

Black - (100) (Band Color)

Purple Solid - (150)


The Work (2021)

Dark Yellow - (50)  

White - (60)

Silver Metallic - (65)

Red Tint - (75)

Black - (100) (Band Color)

Blue Tint - (150) 

In touring news, RIVERS OF NIHIL have a trio of headlining performances in Mexico this coming February with special guests, Imperial Triumphant. The journey marks the band’s first time ever performing in Mexico. Fans can expect to hear their favorite songs from throughout the RIVERS OF NIHIL catalog.

RIVERS OF NIHIL w/ Imperial Triumphant: 

2/24/2023 Cafe Lguana - Monterrey, MX 

2/25/2023 Circo Volador - Mexico City, MX 

2/26/2023 C3 Stage - Guadalajara, MX

RIVERS OF NIHIL released The Work last Fall through Metal Blade Records. The band has never fit neatly into a box, but with 2018’s Where Owls Know My Name, they transcended all labels applied to them. Returning in 2021 with The Work, they’ve forged further into new territory, delivering an album that’s as cerebral as it is visceral, and that covers a staggering sonic range, definitively placing them in a category of their own. Inarguably a dense, heavy collection, The Work is far too dynamic to be considered a solely metal record and there is a genuine warmth that shows through, particularly tracks like “Wait” and the gorgeous “Maybe One Day.” Additionally, the band has incorporated far more clean vocals alongside the screaming that tears through many of the record’s heavier tracks. Courtesy of their friend Zach Strouse, saxophone once again adds extra layers of atmosphere to the collection, utilizing baritone, soprano, and alto saxes to great effect. 

“The Work is nothing less than a work of art. It’s by far the group’s most cohesive, ambitious, meditative, and varied effort, with greater uses of philosophical significance and transcendental respites.” – Metal Injection

"The Work flows beautifully… [it’s] the sound of a band in thrall to their own inspirational ideas, and with a refined grasp of the dynamics required to truly take listeners on, dare we say it, a journey.” – Blabbermouth

“With The Work, RIVERS OF NIHIL have crafted an album that is both indisputably them but also hits very differently to its predecessor, without sacrificing any quality or creativity… It’s a monument to their refusal to be pigeonholed… as well as to their relentless desire to push the envelope creatively, with the end result an album that is incredibly rewarding” – Distorted Sound 




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