NIGHT FISHING: Announce Debut EP ‘Live Bait’; Release Music Video

NIGHT FISHING: Announce Debut EP ‘Live Bait’; Release Music Video

Brutal Panda Records is excited to announce Live Bait, the debut EP from Denver, CO’s NIGHT FISHING. Comprised of four seasoned Rocky Mountain Road Dogs (members of Call of the Void, Green Druid, Abrams, Muscle Beach), NIGHT FISHING exist to explore the boundaries of improvisation, mood and structure within the realms of heavy, instrumental sound. 


Across three tracks and 25+ minutes of fuzzed-out Heavy Psych, hypnotic Krautrock and free-form jazz, NIGHT FISHING seamlessly weave together a melting pot of brain liquifying sonic euphoria. An experience that could only be formulated live in the studio and within the confines of the moment…NIGHT FISHING is for lovers and will take you where the vibe wants to go. 


Live Bait will see an April 21st release on tape, CD and digital formats. A super limited deluxe, tackle box edition complete with a one-of-a-kind fishing certificate will also be available along with a gently used fishing vessel, limited to 1, for the TRUE DIE-HARDS ONLY. Pre-Orders are available via Bandcamp HERE and Brutal Panda HERE


NIGHT FISHING will be performing a record release show at The Crypt on April 28th in Denver, CO. 

Drummer Gordon Koch, who also created the album’s trippy artwork via Artificial Intelligence, commented on how the project came together: 

“Night Fishing is a Heavy Psych/Krautrock improv concept I mulled over during the lockdown period of the initial COVID-19 outbreak. My longtime touring metal band (Call of the Void) had just broken up (December 2019) and my jazz connection had moved out of state so I had no musical prospects while I was held up in my apartment. I wanted to combine elements of improv jazz into a rock format using light song structure to allow for more natural flow of solos, giving each player room to breathe and express themselves. Once the city opened back up a little bit I hit the pavement looking for players. I found 3 friends from the Denver metal scene who were looking for something different and could handle the riffage!

“This EP was recorded live, as both an audio and visual experience, during the COVID-19 lockdown by Chris McNaughton at Rocky Mountain Recorders. We sat in the round with a full camera crew in studio, led by Alex Pace, to capture the moment and energy, bouncing solos off each other all in one take. I feel like these first songs are a more "live" experience so I wanted the video crew there to allow everyone to join us. We were mostly familiar with all the hits but use a lot of eye contact and musical cues to move things along. This session was a BLAST to record, I think about 4 hours total in the room.”

He elaborated further on their first single “Slapback Twister”, saying: 

“This song really captures what the project "is" and has some of the best performances from everyone. It's got some classic Krautrock, big jazzy vibe and dynamic changes, some old school prog hits ala TOTO, I love it haha! You can see it on our faces, all smiles.”

Night Fishing is:

Gordon Koch - Drums 

Graham Zander - Guitar 

Zach Amster - Guitar 

Justin Sanderson - Bass

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Live Bait Tracklisting: 

  1. Alone with My Thoughts  
  2. No Services  
  3. Slapback Twister 
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